Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year Wedding

Ashley made a beautiful bridesmaid for Jose's sister's wedding this past Saturday.
The wedding took place at the same plantation that Ashley and Jose had their reception at. Since their wedding, the plantation owners have built an outdoor cathedral. It is just beautiful. The weather was perfect...just a little cool.

Ashley and Jose during the recessional.
The cute couple - Monica and Jonathan Guzeman. They are enjoying the warm weather in Florida this week for their honeymoon.
I enjoyed the wedding, so glad that I could just sit and enjoy.......I'm still a little on edge from having to plan two weddings in a row. My final "to do" is still not finished from both weddings! That is ordering pictures to be framed and hung. I have had all the 4x6 pics from Ashley's wedding printed, but not put in albums. Still need to decide which ones to have printed larger and framed.
I have not had any of Brittany's printed yet. So that is my first project for this year. Brittany did give me great hardbound books of each wedding and small softbound books for Christmas. They are beautiful. Thanks Brittany!!


Granna said...

Pregnancy must be agreeing with Ashley as she looks beautiful and glowing! Loved the dresses!

brittany said...

Ashley looks awesome in her dress and she was so worried! Great pics once again...the wedding looked nice.

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