Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pictoral Update - Part 1

Here are some more pictures...these are dating back a few weeks to the taping of Live with Regis and Kelly. This is the second time we have been in the audience when they come to New Orleans. Always fun to be a part of the production and watch how it all works. We were there for two shows. One live and the next one was taped for later in the week. This was the week after Megan had gotten voted off she was there to perform and sang, I go walkin after midnight....I liked Megan, her voice is very unique. But she wasn't near as made up on Regis and Kelly as they had fixed her up on Idol....Still a beautiful girl.
Then...after the second taping....they said, stick around...Miley is going to come out and tape her appearance for the Thursday show. So she popped out and sang her song twice and then did an interview. What a surprise for the few little girls that were in the audience....they were so excited.
Harry Hamlin was there promoting his new television show....Harper's Island (I think that's the name)....I'm not a big fan of his.
Billy Ray Cyrus was also there on the live Monday show.....didn't think I was a fan, but he was a very gracious interview and actually a great singer....better than his daughter~Regis and kelly were kind and gracious to the audience during the breaks. Kelly LOVES New Orleans and is very fascinated with the area.
Emeril was on the show cooking. He is a local celebrity and pops up all over the place. Also, Chris Paul and Reggie Bush were on the show.
Okay...back to the playoff game.....sorry the pictures are out of order....This is Chris Paul being interviewed by ESPN after the game. He is our MVP....CP3.

As usual, we always see some celebrities at the games.....this is Lil' Wayne - I am so not a fan, but he is hot stuff on the music scene. Here he was getting emotional during the game. Also, Reggie Bush was there...sitting near Lil' Wayne. He is the star of the New Orleans Saints and also Kim Kardashian's boyfriend. And, we saw I said he pops up all over.
Love these girls though....Brittany and Sarah.
Here is one of the voodoo dolls they gave use against the other team...I know, kind of satanic, but I prayed over mine and made it Holy.
Before the game...Brittany, Hugo the Hornet, and Sarah.

Pictoral Update

I'm adding a bunch of pictures to show you what we've been up to lately. But blogger won't let me add anymore right this may be two posts. I wanted to work backwards with my pictures...but you'll see them as I can post them.

Today we went to the Hornet's playoff game. They are in the playoffs with the Denver Nuggets. This was the third game and today we finally won. The house was full and had a lot of energy. We were given Hornet Voodoo dolls to use during the game when Denver had the ball. Also, there was a t-shirt given to every attendant. Looking forward to the game on Monday....and Brittany and I may try and get tickets. Jose went with us...Ashley couldn't come today, she was taking two tests, the Praxis, that are required for her teaching degree. Sarah T. came with us was her first pro game.
Last weekend we went to the French Quarter of our favorite festivals. The French Quarter is filled with people, food and music stages. We went to two different stages and enjoyed some great food and also had fun with our friends Sam and Candice.
Yum....crawfish at the Zydeco stage.

Terry and I also attend the PGA golf tournament yesterday at the Louisiana TPC. It was a great day, but a little hot. When we got home last night and watched some highlights on the Golf Network, we were on TV....sitting just off the green of the 8th hole. Fun!
Early this morning, I dropped Terry and Jose back off at the course and they watched the tournament until we picked them up to head to the New Orleans Arena for the basketball game.
Some of us will probably head back tomorrow for the finish of the tournament. It is being televised live on CBS if you have a chance to watch and look for us...LOL, or just enjoy the game and beautiful makes for nice napping while you watch on a Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone! It sure has been a busy week around here.....and the weekend is proving to be even busier. Monday we went downtown for the taping of Live with Regis and Kelly...we stayed for the second taping and got to see lots of guests. I will post pictures soon.

Tuesday I woke up sick......I took meds all day and rested. Wednesday, much better and I was off to the dentist for my check up and cleaning. Then I went and bought groceries for the week and for our Easter Dinner. Thursday, I worked out in the yard, finishing up planting all my annuals. The yard looks so nice and I am looking forward to watching everything grow and bloom. I will post garden pictures soon as well.

Thursday evening, Brittany and I went to a movie. Friday I woke up ready to clean the house and start preparing my dinner for Sunday. Sometime in the afternoon, I had a relapse....I am blaming it on the powder I put on the carpet before vacuuming....I could feel it in my lungs. I will never use it again! I have been coughing and have been sick since....but, no time to stop. I had to finish up everything in preparation for church on Sunday as well.

Today I've been preparing my casseroles for Sunday and Brittany and I made the Easter Basket Cake below. It is just a bundt cake, turned upside down with edible grass and Reese pieces eggs, I thought they were prettier than jelly beans.

Terry was out this morning and brought me back some Easter flowers. He is sweet! I boiled eggs yesterday and Brittany colored them for me. We will be making deviled eggs out of them tomorrows.
I would love to take a late afternoon nap, but Terry is preaching at Manantial DeVida tonight. This is Jose's dad's church. It is their anniversary weekend, so it is a special service. I am going to go with Terry....hopefully it won't be a late evening.
After church tomorrow, we are going to have some friends over for dinner....then hopefully we can relax and play games....It's also the Master's weekend, so we will be watching the final round, I am sure.
Wishing everyone a great Easter Sunday and a Happy Spring!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's been going on?

Here are a few pictures to catch everyone up on what's been going on in my world. The weather has been great and I've been enjoying the yard and my swing. I have some bedding plants that need to go in the ground tomorrow and my little anole lizards are enjoying Spring as well. Here is a little guy that likes to hang out on my swing, he was posing for the camera.Brittany's boyfriend, Justin was down for a few days last week. He left yesterday. We planned a few events while he was here. First, we went to Avery Island - the home of Tabasco. It is an amazing place. We've lived in Louisiana 17 years, and have never been there. If you live here, I suggest you go! First there is a tour of the Tabasco factory, which is very interesting. Then you can drive and/or walk through the gardens. The garden is basically just the island which is about 2 miles, by 3 miles and is actually a salt dome. Salt is mined out of the island as well. In the gardens, there is a bird sanctuary where egrets nest. Also, the wildlife is abundant. Alligators are out everywhere and there are "Beware of Alligator" signs. We saw 26 and I am sure there were many right before us that we missed.
Of course, most of you know my fascination with alligators, so getting out and walking near them was a must. It was cool, but the sun was out and the alligators love to sun themselves on the banks.
We also went to the NO Hornets game on Sunday evening. They were playing the San Antonio Spurs and it was sold out. We were joined by our friends Sam and Candace. We had a great time.
We love attending the home games....a lot of team spirit and they fill the time outs and half times with a lot of fun events. I like to take the binoculars and stake out the crowd....we always find some celebrities in the mix.
I know the picture below is dark...taken from far away....but it is Eva Longoria-Parker. Her husband Tony plays for the Spurs.
The girls and I will be attending our annual women's retreat in Alexandria this weekend. We are looking forward to it, we always have a good time. Thirteen ladies will be attending from our church.
I can't believe that Easter is just a little over a week will be Summer before we know it!