Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pictures from Indianapolis

Here are some pictures from Indianapolis. I took my mom there so we could visit my niece Sarah and her baby Ian, as well as my niece and nephew Christine and Mike Bentley. Christine has a beautiful new home that she shares with her husband Paul and their two children, Addie and Aiden. We had a nice visit

**Make sure to scroll down and see my latest "Rayality" - posted yesterday.

Sarah, me, Christine and Mike
Addie and Ian with Aunt Trisha
Grandma and Aiden

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I don't want to talk about it!

Here's my last "Rayality" with Brittany......for a while anyway. Watch for an explanation.
I will be posting some pictures from my recent trip to Illinois and Indiana. Check back soon.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Favorite Aunt

I'm still in Southern Illinois enjoying time with my family. I split my time between my Parent's house and my Niece's house. I have three great nephews who keep me busy - playing games and taking turns sleeping in their rooms.

Friday my Mom and I are going to travel to Indianapolis to see my other niece, Sarah and her baby.

I miss my family and friends at home and Quincy....but I will be back soon!

It is COLD here, I had to go out and buy a winter coat today. I was hoping for some snow.

Monday, January 7, 2008

On The Road Again...I hate packing!

As I type this, I should be packing. I am leaving in the morning to go spend some time with my parents in Southern Illinois. But instead of packing, I am watching the BCS Championship game and DVRing other shows....I mean during the Christmas holidays, there is nothing on TV and then all it once there is something on every channel. I am recording the Season Premier of Jon and Kate Plus 8 (one of my favs) then, my friend called to tell me that Larry King had a guest on that was discussing Vitiligo - a skin disease that most of you know that I have, then my Dad called to have me watch the news about some bad weather coming through in Illinois and Nancy Grace is back on and had her twins on tonight! And of all nights, I can't sit and watch all of these shows, I have to PACK!

AND...LSU is kicking some right now 17 to 10, second and goal! Exciting!

So - the New Year is here, all the decorations are put away, and I am proud to say that when I put them away this year, I totally reorganized, threw out old stuff and packed away a box of things too precious to throw out, but stuff that I don't use anymore. Then I boxed everything by room or section - next year I will be pleasantly surprised when I open those boxes.

Brittany is on a little trip before she goes back to school, she is in Louisville, KY - she went to Winterfest with some of her friends there and is now spending a couple of days with Jason and Andrea Isaacs.

Hopefully I can update and post some pix while I am gone - when I can find a wireless connection.....hey, where my folks live, I don't even have tower for my cell phone.

LSU - now leading 24 to 10.....gotta go finish the game and finish my packing!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

This is a test post of video from my new Flip Video it! This is footage of New Year's Eve at Jackson Square. We took Brittany and her friends, Dayne, Kay, and David. The music was great and it was people watching at its best!

I have got a lot of other fun footage and I am going to practice editing my movies.

Fun -