Friday, March 20, 2009

Garden Pictures

So, my friend Judy inspired me to take some pictures of my garden....nothing really interesting yet - kind of raggedly looking....but what I enjoy more than my plants are my little green lizards...anoles are their names. You can read about them here. This afternoon I went outside and this little guy was sitting on a palm frawn. I noticed he was eating something....looked like a wet paper town piece. Then I noticed he was pulling his skin off of his foot and eating it. He let me stand right next to him and watch. He was molting and kind of he was sunning himself and eating his skin...I know, gross...but it was interesting.
Here he has a piece of skin in his mouth. I went in an got my camera and the more pictures I took, the closer he came. Terry was mowing the lawn and he would lift his head and look around me and watch Terry mowing.
My garden is full of these little guys and when I plant, I usually find their eggs. Then we wait for the babies to come up and hang out in the plants...they are adorable.

These lizards have quite the personality. They are very aware of their surroundings and get used to people that are suppose to be around. When my little nephews visited last summer, those poor lizards were running for their lives.

I know....lots of pictures. But, I couldn't decide which ones to I posted them all.

Now on to the plants....To start with, this is my little Sago Palm nursery. Each year when we cut the old prawns off our Sago Palm, I can't stand to throw out the little pods growing on the I stick them in old pots with leftover dirt. No scientific way of doing it, I just pretty much throw them in and then set the pots on the side of the house, behind the fence. By the end of the summer, I have several small palms. I basically give them away, I don't have anywhere else to plant one. So, if you need a palm...let me know. Those of you up North, they are fun to can put them in a pot and bring them in, in the winter. My Mom loves watching them grow.

The rest of these plants are ones that have already come up on their own, or never left over the winter.
Geranium - I bought this at the end of last season, on clearance for .50 cents...I couldn't stand to see it sitting there on the rack dying. It is thriving with several buds.

This is a pencil plant, I bought a cutting at a garage sale and it is fun to watch grow....I need to stake it.

This is a bad picture of my Hens and Chickens....I brought them from Mom and Dad's house when they moved....she had several pots and was going to leave them at their old house. They love the Louisiana weather.
A nice little begonia that starting blooming early.

This is a giant Mum that I can't kill....not that I am trying...but I can't tell you how many times I cut it back because it gets so big. It blooms in the spring...I cut it blooms in the summer...I cut it back....then in the Fall it is huge and full of blooms.

Impatience...I think

This is my Hydrangea...I planted two last summer. I didn't cut them back until January, because they were still full of leaves...I really don't know what I am doing, but they are sprouting again.
Okay, so it's not a beautiful garden journal - but it's something...enjoy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

So today is St. Patrick's day....I must admit, not a big deal for me. Never has been. I remember getting pinched in school for not wearing green. I'm not even sure of my heritage...really, I was just told that my family was from Southern Illinois!! Leprechauns have always freaked me out and I don't drink beer. So again, not a huge deal for me.

Of course here in New Orleans - any reason to celebrate. So it is fun to go to the St. Patrick's Day parades. They throw beads, stuffed animals, cups, etc, just like a Mardi Gras parade...but also, cabbages, carrots, and potatoes. So by the time you leave the parade you have a whole bag full of stuff to go home and make your Irish Stew.

I don't know this lady...just found the pictures to show the cabbages being thrown.

We are experiencing a beautiful Spring. We had rain for the past three days, but we needed it. Today it is beautiful and sunny. I've been playing around in my flower beds...just amazing watching the buds, blooms and greenery coming out of the happens so fast, you can almost watch them unfold. Looking forward to going and getting some bedding plants, but also waiting to see what comes up, so I know where to plant. I am just a buy it and plant it gardener....I forget what comes back and what doesn't. So - it's always fun in the Spring to watch and learn.

This weekend Terry and I are going to Jackson, MS. Brittany and Justin bought Terry tickets for a Gaither Concert for seemed like a long way off back then, but here we are near the end of March. We have been to Jackson several times...mostly for Youth Camp and then of course driving through on the way up North. I'm not sure what else we may do while we are there for entertainment....but we will find something. I asked my friend Heather for some suggestions, since she used to live and work there. Personally, I am not a huge Gaither fan, but I've been to some concerts in the past with Terry and they are good...very talented musicians and singers. All in all, it will be good to get away for the weekend.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Haven't Posted in a While

Well, it's been a while since I posted. Brittany signed me up for Facebook and I have been spending all my computer free time on there catching up with a lot of friends that I haven't communicated with for over 25 years. It's been interesting.

I do have some fun pictures of Mardi Gras to post. Ashley and I spent Lundi Gras down on St. Charles with our friend Sarah. We watched two parades that evening. They were both beautiful, but Harry Connick, Jr's Krewe was absolutely amazing. The floats were huge and all electrified with confetti and spot lights. OH...and I didn't see Harry, we kept waiting, but it was reported on the news that he had a family emergency and wasn't able to ride. But, John Belushi, Joan River, Brian Batt and others rode in the parade.

On Mardi Gras day, Terry and I went downtown in the early afternoon...we caught the end of the Rex parade and saw some of the truck parades later. We did have a nice afternoon downtown, the weather was absolutely beautiful. We had a nice lunch and then grabbed a caramel apple and some coffee and sat and just did some people favorite.

And....last, but not least, a little Public Service Announcement. While the girls and I were waiting on the parades to begin, Ashley noticed this nice guy in front of us, who had not trimmed his eyebrows in quite some time. We were amazed. He was married, his wife was right next to him. I kept wondering, why doesn't she insist on him trimming those wives....please help make sure that your husband is trimmed!