Monday, March 3, 2008


Terry and I went to the movie on Friday night. When we got to the ticket booth, we were only charged $6.50 each instead of $8.50. I quickly glanced over to the price board trying to figure out why - then Terry said to the attendant, did you give us the senior discount? She smiled and winked and shook her head yes. Then I said thanks....I think!

What made her give us the Senior discount? There is no way I look like a senior.....and even though Terry is much closer to being a senior, he really looks great for his age as well. So, I guess she was just trying to bless us.

My Dad LOVES his Senior Discounts....especially at McDonalds. He can get a Senior Coffee or soft drink for .25 cents. He will drive out of his way or he will pull in to any McDonalds just to take advantage of his Senior Discount. I think he goes to McDonalds more than I ever took my girls when they were little, put together. And he is not the only Senior that enjoys sitting at Mcdonalds and sipping their .25 cent coffee and something off the dollar menu. McDonalds must make most of their profits on children under 10 and Seniors over 60....which is fine with me, since I have stock in McDonalds...literally. When I worked at Frymaster in Shreveport, that was one of the perks, we were able to purchase stock at an employee price. So - keep going to McDonalds Dad!

So let's hear it for the Senior Discount - I refuse to be offended - we saved $4.00 and I took our own snacks in my oversized purse. Which, by the way do not have to be "sneaked" in(or is is "snuck"). In our AMC Theaters, there is no policy about bringing in food and drink from the outside. You can bring what you want. So some people stop at their favorite fast food place before the movie and come in with a bag of burgers and fries, or chicken from Popeyes. It's no louder that people scratching in the bucket of popcorn.

By the way, we saw Vantage Point - which was a decent movie, but I can hardly handle that "Groundhogs Day" type of movie where they show the same scene over and over....but that was the point of this movie, seeing a scene from several "Vantage Points".

Another quick movie review - Martian Child - I watched it last night on video with Ashley and Jose. It was a great little movie - a good movie to watch with family. It is based on a true story.