Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary - Justin and Brittany!

Hard to believe that it has been one year since our trip to Savannah, for Brittany and Justin's destination wedding. I still haven't gotten prints from Ashley's wedding printed and framed. Brittany did make me photo books of both weddings for my Christmas present this year. Before the end of March, it is my goal to have pictures printed, framed and hung throughout the house.....they have to find their space on the wall before my baby comes in August....after that, I'm sure it will be all about her...or him.
Happy Anniversay!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I love these old vintage Valentine's Day cards. My mom used to save my "mailboxes" that we made in school that was full of valentines. She had them in a drawer in her bedroom. For years, I remember sitting in the floor looking at them over and over and over. I guess she threw them out when they moved to Southern Illinois. I do have some old post cards from the early 1900's that belonged to my Great Grandmother. I keep them displayed in a book and there are some cute Valentine cards in there...I wish I would have scanned one for today.

I always send my little great nephews special cards on holidays. For Valentine's Day, I put in some stickers and two dollar bills....I know, big spender....but hey there are seven of those little guys!! In my haste, I forgot to put the dollar bills in Jaron's card. I don't know if one of the other guys got four dollars, or if I just miscalculated. Poor Jaron, I will have to do something extra special in his Easter Card!

I sent a card to Brittany and Justin and my Mom and Dad. I put a card out by Terry's coffee pot before I left today and Terry is going to put Ashley and Jose's card in their mailbox before he leaves for the day. Terry also picked up our grand baby a little says to a "Sweet Little Lady" he is on "team girl" too! I bought the baby a Golden Book...Poky Little Puppy, a classic to help start her/his library.

So, who cares if this is just a made up holiday - a way for the greeting card company to make money....I say, hurray for a day that encourages us to share the love!!

Happy Valentine's day to all.