Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm Back!

My Girls!

Brittany's back

Crawfish Before and After
Dancing at Gina's & Aleron's Wedding Reception
Cake pulls for the single girls
Dancing at Tiffany and Luke's reception

Mom and Dad at Easter - Golfing on Good Friday.

They didn't golf, but enjoyed riding around the course on a golf cart.

Another alligator, I found on my "Alligator Hunt"

Terry Dancing with his Girls

It's been about 3 months since my last post. So, I was working on the computer this morning and decided, I need to blog.

Have I thought about blogging over the past three months? Sure. But there have been a few reasons why I haven't. First, I fell out of the habit....and why is it so hard to get back into the habit of something, once you stop? One of the other reasons, was rebellion. I am thankful for those who read my blog and love the comments, but I put unnecessary pressure on myself to keep in touch with family and friends from across the states and then sometimes I get a little frustrated when I feel like I am the only one extending the lines of communication. I know, what a baby - but, I am over it. I know everyone is busy and I was just feeling sorry for myself.

I'm posting several snapshots of our lives over the past few months. As always, we stay busy. My mom and dad came down for Easter and spent a few weeks with us. We enjoyed our time together and the weather was just lovely in the early spring. Mom went with me and Ashley to our "Sister Connection" retreat in Alexandria, LA. We loved having her with us.

After two months in Kansas City....Brittany decided to come home!! The move proved to be a good learning experience for Brittany and she did enjoy herself there, but she is back and we are glad! The New Orleans Mission was glad to have her back as well and she is now serving them as their new Volunteer Coordinator. Brittany is continuing to pursue her degree in Business .

Ashley finished her 4th year at UNO and has one more year before she receives her degree in English Education. We are enjoying planning the wedding. Ashley planned and is teaching at a day camp this summer and she is also taking summer classes. This will be the first year for both Ashley and Brittany that they will not be able to attend and work our summer camps in Jackson, MS.

We have attended 3 wedding showers and 2 weddings so far this Spring/Summer. We also have attended Hornet's games and had a great time watching them in the NBA playoffs. We had a church night at the New Orleans Zephyr's game. Brittany's boyfriend visited from Alabama the first week of May and we had a Crawfish Boil. Terry and I attended a Sadar meal for Passover. These are all items I have noted on my calendar as I look back over the last three months to find some highlights for this update. Oh - we just got back from a week in Baton Rouge, where Terry and I attended our Annual Camp Meeting for our denomination. It was great spending time with friends, worshiping, visiting and laughing together.

We are looking forward to a great big plans for traveling or vacations this summer, we are putting all of our energy and money into the November wedding. After that - Terry and I are going on a Cruise and taking my parents with us for their 50th wedding anniversary.

But we will have a great summer - living in New Orleans - you can enjoy a "staycation"....there is so much to see and do. One of my favorite things - is Alligator hunting! I love alligators and you can see my new header picture is of an alligator that Terry and I spotted while enjoying an afternoon drive a few Sunday's ago.

Okay - the problem with not blogging for three months! I have so much to say and it is all so scattered and I am just rambling - so, I am going to just cut it off, add my photos and leave you with a few questions on subjects that are going through my mind.

1) What do you think about Aspartame? Do you drink a lot of diet sodas?

2) Does teeth whitening really work? Do you have a recommendation of the best whitener?

3) Have you changed your driving habits since the gas prices have skyrocketed?

Oh - last but not little Quincy has been very sick. He may have cancer....we almost lost him. He is on medication now and doing better, but still sick. Please say a little prayer for him.

Love & Prayers

P.S. I lost a few of my pictures that I uploaded when I posted, sorry. I will add more next time.