Monday, December 21, 2009

Congratulations Ashley!

Ashley graduated on Sunday. We are so proud of her. She received her degree in English Education and has already secured a job at a local High School. She will be teaching English I and English III. She will begin her job after the Christmas Break.

My parents got into town on Saturday and it has been a whirlwind since they arrived. Looking forward to relaxing in the coming days and enjoying some time together. We always enjoy playing cards, dominoes, and board games.

Mom cut up fruit today and made us a big bowl of mixed fruit. We are all loving that. I just finished my menu for the next few days and tomorrow Brittany and mom will get groceries while I finish up my last day of work before the holidays.

On Sunday before the graduation, we had our Christmas service at church. We started by meeting early and having breakfast together and passing out Christmas cards. The service was filled with great music and Terry preached a Christmas message. We always have a great time together. After Ashley's graduation, we went to eat at a wonderful Asian restaurant. Jose's family joined us as well as a few friends. Then, we had to RUSH back home and set up for a reception at Ashley's house - when we got home, friends were already waiting - the rest of the
evening was filled with friends and laughter. Dad brought 6 huge bags of Dippin Dots from the Paducah, KY Dippin Dots plant (where he used to work.) They were a big hit - everyone loves Dippin Dots, especially when they are free!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas is coming....

Christmas is coming and it is coming fast. Thankfully I feel like I am ahead of the game. Shopping is just about finished, all my gifts are wrapped and under the tree. My decorating is complete. I've already hosted a Christmas Tea at my house and last weekend we spent a day downtown, enjoying Christmas in the Quarter. So, from here on out, I think it will be smooth sailing...just enjoying the holidays!! I must say though, I could not have accomplished those tasks without the help of Brittany! She is so good to help me in preparation for whatever I am trying to accomplish. It is becoming more of a reality each day that soon she will be gone. Only 10 more weeks until her wedding.

Now that is where my stress is being funneled - not the holidays, but the wedding. So much to do. After Christmas, it will be a whirlwind of activity in preparation for her destination wedding. We have put off a lot of the planning, simply because we have been focused on other things. Brittany is taking her last final this morning for this semester, so she will be free after today to pick up the planning again. When she starts back to school in January, she will have all Internet classes, so that will give her the freedom she needs.

Ashley will graduate on December 20th. My parents will be coming down for the graduation and stay through Christmas. We are excited about them coming, they haven't been here since Ashley's wedding last year. We are so proud of Ashley - she completed her student teaching and did an absolutely amazing job! She has already had two high schools offer her positions and is now agonizing over which one to accept.

We are so blessed, and it has been a full and exciting year for us. On top of all of our blessings, the SAINTS are
12-0, and the city of New Orleans is just electric with excitement!!

Fulton Street - downtown.

Gingerbread Streetcar at the Harrah's Hotel lobby.

The lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel.

Our friends that we spent the day with in the Quarter (thank you Brittany for being our photographer and tour director!)

Patty, Johnette and me at the French Market.

Some of the ladies that attended my Christmas tea and Bible study.

Brittany and our little Cooper.