Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

This past weekend, Justin and Brittany come down from Alabama and joined with Ashley and Jose and their team to lead Worship at our annual church conference in Baton Rouge.
Instead of staying in Baton Rouge, which is about 80 miles away, we chose to drive back and forth and also volunteered to care for all the dogs. Ashley and Jose have two, Brittany and Justin have one and of course we have our precious Cooper. (just look at the face above...)
This is Ashley's dog - Penelope. She was rescued from an abandoned house in our neighborhood. I tried keeping her, but she was too wild for me. Ashley took her and this poor rescue dog is now the Queen of the palace.

This is Benny - He is the youngest - not even a year old, but he actually looks the oldest. Kind of how Schnauzers look...handsome and regal.

And then the rug rats....My Cooper, who is just precious and Jose's Bella, the oldest out of the bunch.
On Brittany's last day in town, she wanted to go to the Garden District and the French Market. She has only been gone 3 months, but you would have thought it had been years...she wanted to see everything. We had Po-Boys for lunch and then after a little shopping we stopped in at Sucre on Magazine for some gelato.

Of course, she wanted to see Sandra Bullocks house so we drove by and around the block and by it one more time. It is a beautiful Victorian home just a couple of blocks off of St. Charles.

Here is a couple shots of my kids when we went out to eat at California Pizza Kitchen in Baton Rouge. Friends and Jose's family also joined us. It was late and we had a group of 20, so it took a long time to get our food, but it was good and we had a blast hanging with our peeps.

So we enjoyed our quick visit with Brittany, Justin and Benny. We laughed A LOT! Brittany cried when she left and said that what she misses most is how much fun we have together. Love that!