Friday, October 30, 2009

An Autumn Weekend!

Ashley and Brittany as "Kisses" several years ago...I would say they were 6 and 8 in this picture. I didn't make these costumes, although I did make some for them over the years. These were borrowed from my friend Elizabeth, who made them for her and her son Ryan. She shipped them to us, and I shipped some of mine to her over the years.

This weekend is the epitome of Fall....Trick or Treating, College Football, A Cold Front and Time Change!

Tomorrow we will go to our first LSU football game - along with a cold front that will come in tonight. It is in the 80's today and humid. Tomorrow in the 50', I will be digging out the scarves and gloves for the game. I don't have a purple jacket, so no one will see my purple shirt anyway. I am not going to buy a purple scarf and gloves, so I will be one of the few that is not decked out in school colors.

I hate losing an hour of daylight, but there is something comforting about long evenings - it ushers in the holidays. Plus, we get an extra hour of sleep and who couldn't use that?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Memories....will I have any?

I was just thinking the other day....I wonder when that movie - My Sister's Keeper will come out on DVD, since I missed seeing it in the theaters. Then, today, while reading my friend's blog, I saw a link to my blog and clicked on it. I haven't updated it since July. As I read my last post, I read that I did indeed see that movie in the theaters! I am sitting here now trying to remember the ending to the movie - can't remember it.

Scares me sometimes, my lack of memory. Thank goodness for pictures and my mother, who remembers every detail, unless of course it is something that might shed un unfavorable light on her.

I guess I need to look into some sort of vitamins or minerals that can help - let me know if you have any suggestions.