Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Wedding planning has begun...

We have a date, we have a venue, for both the wedding and reception, and we have......a dress! Can you believe it? We were in Monroe, LA all last week for our annual church convention. Brittany and Ashley were both there as well, so we took advantage of our free time and went shopping. We were just going to look....but she found the perfect dress. It is beautiful.

So - the planning is in full throttle and I am actually looking forward to it slowing down a bit now, since the big items are taken care of.

The date is February 27, 2010. It will be a destination wedding, located in Savannah, GA. They will be getting married in one of the historic squares and the reception will be at The Lady and Sons banquet room. I've already rented a large beach house for our family to vacation in the week leading up to the wedding day. It will of course be a small, intimate affair with family and a few friends who are willing to travel.

Here is a picture of the banquet room from Paula Deen's website. It should be a beautiful place to enjoy the reception.

The heat is on here in Louisiana....a have a few plants outside that look a little weary. My neighbor watered everything while I was gone, but I need to dead head some blooms and cut back some of my plants. This is a busy week, trying to catch up with everything since we were gone last week. We have a wedding this Saturday that will take place in City Park...looking forward to that.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, so far!