Monday, February 14, 2011

I love these old vintage Valentine's Day cards. My mom used to save my "mailboxes" that we made in school that was full of valentines. She had them in a drawer in her bedroom. For years, I remember sitting in the floor looking at them over and over and over. I guess she threw them out when they moved to Southern Illinois. I do have some old post cards from the early 1900's that belonged to my Great Grandmother. I keep them displayed in a book and there are some cute Valentine cards in there...I wish I would have scanned one for today.

I always send my little great nephews special cards on holidays. For Valentine's Day, I put in some stickers and two dollar bills....I know, big spender....but hey there are seven of those little guys!! In my haste, I forgot to put the dollar bills in Jaron's card. I don't know if one of the other guys got four dollars, or if I just miscalculated. Poor Jaron, I will have to do something extra special in his Easter Card!

I sent a card to Brittany and Justin and my Mom and Dad. I put a card out by Terry's coffee pot before I left today and Terry is going to put Ashley and Jose's card in their mailbox before he leaves for the day. Terry also picked up our grand baby a little says to a "Sweet Little Lady" he is on "team girl" too! I bought the baby a Golden Book...Poky Little Puppy, a classic to help start her/his library.

So, who cares if this is just a made up holiday - a way for the greeting card company to make money....I say, hurray for a day that encourages us to share the love!!

Happy Valentine's day to all.

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Brittany said...

Hey Momma!

Love your Valentines post...I agree, why not embrace a day to share the love with others! Plus, I am cheap when it comes to cards (Dollar Tree 2/$1.00) so I am not contributing to the Hallmark craziness on the 14th of Feb. So I want to start a blog, BUT don't know if I will have any followers...